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Structure of the Transcarpathian State Agricultural Research Station:

  1. Laboratory of Soil Science and Agrochemical Analysis
  2. Laboratory of perennials
  3. Laboratory of vegetable growing and spicy-aromatic crops
  4. Livestock Laboratory
  5. Laboratory of selection and technology of crop production
  6. Laboratory of Economics
  7. Laboratory of scientific support of innovation transfer
  8. Scientific and Technological Department for Coordination of Work with Scientific and Methodological Centers and Main Institutes for Mining: Laboratory of Potato and Agriculture, Laboratory of Feed Production, Animal Husbandry and Agroecology.
The director of the research station is the head of the APV Scientific Support Center Matiega Olga Omelyanivna,
Candidate of Agricultural Sciences
Deputy Director for Scientific, Organizational and Economic Affairs Balyan Izolda Valeriyivna