Transcarpathian State Agricultural Research Station is a leading center of agricultural science in the Transcarpathian region.

The history of the station began in 1946, when the Transcarpathian State Research Station was established in the system of the Ministry of Agriculture of Ukraine on the basis of seed production of the Košice State Agricultural Station. The formation of the station was basically completed in 1956 by merging it with the Beregovo base of the All-Union Research Institute of Viticulture and Enology and the Transcarpathian base of the All-Union Institute of Tea and Subtropical Cultures.

By 1980, the station had accumulated extensive experience in a number of areas of agricultural science and had great scientific potential, especially qualified personnel. Therefore, on its basis in 1989 the Transcarpathian Institute of Agricultural Production of the Ukrainian Academy of Agrarian Sciences was established.

In April 2012, by order of NAAS, the Transcarpathian Institute of APV was reorganized into the Transcarpathian State Agricultural Research Station, which includes:

  • Mining Scientific Subdivision (Volovets District, Nyzhni Vorota Village)
  • State Enterprise “Experimental Farm of the Transcarpathian State Agricultural Research Station” (village of Velyka Bakta)
  • State Enterprise “Experimental Farm Agrofirm” Elita “of the Transcarpathian State Agricultural Research Station” (Uzhhorod district, Rativtsi village).

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